Together we will work on methods how to unpack your own artistic practices, processes, strategies, and research methodologies. We will work on the differentiation and articulation of these to oneself, as well as developing skills in articulating and conceptualizing / contextualizing them for others.
Diagnostics originally refers to pinpointing an error in the system, be it health or computers, but in the arts it can be quite exciting to establish for oneself a practice and method of aberration. We will follow, describe and experience these ratios and aberrations, in order to make them accessible and present. With this intensive we also want to start exploring the process of co-working. What is it to co-think and co-imagine with somebody else’s work. Insofar we are building a peer to peer methodology of co-learning through co-teaching.

Sophia New 
was born in South London in 1974 and studied Philosophy & Literature with German at Sussex University (1993- 1997) and after receiving her Masters degree in Feminist Performance at Bristol University in 1998, she made her first solo piece, ‘Jammy Lips’. Sophia has also worked as a theatre/performance writer and journalist for the magazines Venue, Live Art Magazine and the Open Page Journal. She has also contributed a series of images based on Feeling Poorly for On Smell, and Letter Objects for On Correspondence published by the Performance Research Journal.
She is a co-founder of plan b with Daniel Belasco Rogers. Since 2002 they have made over 25 projects for different cities, festivals, and galleries. Their work is often site specific and includes performance, GPS, sound and video.
She also works as an independent performer and has worked with Antonia Baehr, Penelope Wehrli, Petra Sabish, Gob Squad, and Forced Entertainment.
Since 2012 she has been a guest lecturer (since 2015 Guest Professor) on the MA solo dance authorship (SODA) at the HZT, Berlin. She also regularly teaches Live Art and Performance with Siegmar Zacharias at Folkwang in Essen and Bochum.